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I work for the company you speak of. TSR's and Closers are only given the information they need to find out if a customer is interested in the magazine package offered. We work from an office and not from home. We are not in a fraudulent company. Our boss would not be in business if this were so. Please make sure you adequately search your info you look into before prejudging a company, you're obviously not sure what you are talking about.

We offer people something everyone uses. Whether it be on the road or at home. There is no obligation to buy anything when already entered into the sweepstakes.

We don't send out junk mail. Unlike many other companies that continually send out information you do not need. We only send information to people who except the package. Who wouldn't want 5 magazines every month or week (depending on which you get) for $3.99.

Some of the employees are new and a lot of them add in their own information rather than what they have been provided to use (as is every other telemarketing group). We can't control what other human beings say on the phone. It can only be reviewed once it has been caught. People are fired everyday for saying things they are not supposed to. Our calls are 100% recorded for quality control. People complain about the service once they receive it because they don't pay attention on the phone. As you can see, not every single person who gets the magazines complains you know. Otherwise there would be about 300 complaints a day per customer. Many people are satisfied with the service they receive.

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